Greek bartenders are sparking an evolutionary leap in the Mediterranean cocktail scene by showcasing local ingredients

The cocktail scene has undergone a radical change in Greece, and there’s even a name for this new trend; Mediterranean bartending. Basically, this means that the person standing behind the bar is not just there to pour your drink; they are enthusiastic promoters of new flavors and mixes, eager to share their knowledge of local products.

Grab a stool at the bar in most Athenian night spots, and you’re likely to learn all you need to know about Greek spirits and ingredients.

One might ask whether this good-natured openness and the imaginative use of local products you’d never expect to find in a cocktail justify treating Mediterranean bartending as a category in its own right. Is it excessive to give the style a name? Or, to put it another way, can it be compared with other styles, such as, say, the Japanese? And does it measure up?